Scandinavia tour 2013

Yesterday I came back from my Scandinavia tour!
It was wonderful playing at new places and for new people and revisiting some places I’ve played at last year. Two weeks of traveling and performing. Looking back it seems like much longer! So many new impressions! It was great sharing the stage and this adventure with percussionist Marijn Korff de Gidts.

Here are some pictures of the concerts:

Huset, Kopenhagen:
First picture by Johan Samsom

ALLHUSET, Bjørkfors:

Having fun on the boat from Stockholm to Turku:

Kahvila Soppi, Rauma:

Annikki Poetry Festival, Tampere:
Pictures by Ville Koivisto

House of Blath, Kaskinen:

Made in Kalio, Helsinki:

Musik Valvet Baggen, Stockholm: