Rio Harp Festival

I just came back from the Rio Harp Festival. It was an amazing experience! I performed 4 times during the festival. 7th of May 12:30, 8th of May 14:00, 9th of May 18:30, 10th of May 12:30. All 4 of the concerts were located at the beautiful cultural center CCBB at the center of Rio. Every concert was very well attended and to my joy the audience was very enthusiastic about my music! I returned home feeling very blessed having been able to come to Rio and perform for the Brazilian people at such a nice occasion!

More info about the Rio Harp Festival:

Harpists from all over the world give – daily and free – concerts in diverse locations of the city. The harpists play a broad variety of genres, from medieval music to European classics, from romantic to impressionist and from modern to contemporary Brazilian styles.

The RioHarpFestival is presented by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture and organized by Música no Museu (Music in the Museum). Since 1997 Música no Museu realizes free concerts in museums, churches and cultural centres in Rio de Janeiro and other Brazilian cities, often related to a particular exhibition.

Pictures made by Tanya Lima Lima